BestMassage Shiatsu Massage Chair 06C Review

Shiatsu Massage Chair 06C

Our Review of the Shiatsu Massage Chair 06C

Many of us experience body pain from time to time due to various reasons such are tension, overwork, major and minor injuries, and stress. One effective way to deal with this problem is to get your own BestMassage EC 06C.

In some cases, a chiropractor may recommend that you get a regular massage. But thanks to this electric full body massage chair, you can get a massage right in the comfort of your own home, especially if you have recurring back pain that makes it difficult for you to travel and head to a massage center.

The shiatsu massage chair 06C from BestMassage is one of the most affordable options when it comes to electric massage chairs for home use. This chair comes with up-to-date robotic engineering that provides the user with a product that combines quality and versatility to create a soothing effect.

To experience a full body therapeutic massage, you can easily convert this Shiatsu chair into a recliner bed. It features several controls to address your sore muscles, to increase mobility particularly in the leg area, as well as to manage weight loss.

Main Features

  1. The BestMassage EC 06C has over 30 airbags that do a great job of providing comfort and relaxation to the whole body.
  2. Built-in Heat Intelligence System. This feature allows for flexibility by letting the chair adjust to the curve and form of your back for a more in-depth massage.
  3. Neck Massage Functionality. It is engineered to focus on the specific points on the neck that causes stress.
  4. Extra Long Range Massage. This functionality goes low into the part of the tailbone and extends upward in the neck for maximum relaxation.
  5. Flexible Air Massage. You get different degrees of intensity. Configure the massage to give you anything from a mild to a strong body massage.
  6. Fatigue Reliever Air Massage. There are about 20 airbags present in the lower part of the BestMassage EC 06C chair that massages the feet, thighs, and legs. It helps improve the circulation of blood in the lower extremity.
  7. Integrated Hand Massage. This feature provides complete coverage of the hands. It also has a 1-year limited warranty.
  8. Recline Feature. The shiatsu chair is an automatic massager that lifts and reclines to suit your preferences.

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Main Functions

The BestMassage EC 06C comes with 8 massage functionalities, all with advanced features:

  • It is one of the health benefits of therapeutic massage. It gets rid of the toxins in the blood vessels, muscle tissues, and some body organs by focusing on the small and large blood vessels.
  • This massage is hard and helps loosen up twisted muscular tissues on the shoulder and neck, thus providing much-needed relief to the tired fibrous muscles in the spinal column.
  • This massage originated from the eastern practices that target the deep tissues. It helps lessen muscle pains and aches, removes harmful toxins in the cells, stimulates nerves, develops tissues, moisturizes skin, and promotes blood circulation.
  • Chop Action Tapping. This feature of the shiatsu massage chair 06C imitates the hand motion when tapping on the back during a massage. It relaxes various rigid and aching muscles, softens the body fat storage, and alleviates pains from tight muscles.
  • This function makes use of power rollers that move upward and downward on the whole back area. It includes a massage head that focuses on specific stress spots in the neck.
  • With this feature, you can get a hard massage that concentrates on the muscular tissues in the lower extremities. It also aims to improve posture and blood circulation.
  • The feature utilizes a body scan to relieve tired muscles in the body and also serves as an energy booster.
  • It uses strong rollers in order to easily penetrate into the muscles and rejuvenate the body and mind. The BestMassage Shiatsu EC06 specializes in providing the most relaxing massage therapy to its users.

BestMassage EC 06C Pros

  • The BestMassage EC 06C is comparable with any typical massage performed at any spa. It provides similar advantages such as minimizing blood pressure levels and addressing muscle aches. It relieves tension in the body and helps it relax after a long and tiring day.
  • This 06C shiatsu massage chair is readily available wherever you are as you can use it at any place you want. There is no need to travel from your home or workplace just to have a relaxing massage at the spa. In addition, you will not be obligated to follow the opening hours of any health spa.
  • One of the benefits of investing in the BestMassage shiatsu chair is having the freedom to explore its many features. With the BestMassage EC 06C, you can adjust the controls and levels of the massage according to your needs and preference.
  • It boasts a modern and smooth design that will complement practically any room in your home. The black shiatsu massage chair 06C has soft leather-based upholstery that goes well with different tastes.
  • Despite its many controls and funtions, the 06C BestMassage chair is user-friendly. The product also comes with a handy remote control.
  • This is a unique chair that provides a lot of health benefits. It reduces stress, releases tight muscle tissues, improves blood flow and mobility, helps in balancing the psychological condition, and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

BestMassage EC 06C Cons

  • One disadvantage of the BestMassage EC 06C is its weight. Considering that it is big and bulky, you would need the help of another person in transferring it to a different area in the house. This is also the case when setting up the unit for the first time.
  • These massage chairs indicate a specific weight limit in order for it to work as intended. The shiatsu massage chair 06C has a weight capacity of 250 lb. If you are planning to buy this, make sure that your body weight is within that range. Overloading this full body chair recliner can cause it to perform poorly. You could just end up with bruises and added muscle stiffness.


Pain from fatigue and sore muscles after a tiring day is something that should not be ignored. It is essential to lessen the stress you face every day so as to maintain good physical health and have some peace of mind.

One effective way to deal with the tightness of your muscles is by using the BestMassage EC 06C. The truth is, enjoying a full body massage from this Shiatsu chair by BestMassage is not just for stress relief, it can also pave the way for various long-term health improvements.

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